AIS-6 TOPOGRAPHIE rosé hexagon – limited edition of 3 // SOLD OUT

AIS-6 TOPOGRAPHIE rosé hexagon
limited edition of 3, signed
Berlin 2022


Design: The AIS-6 TOPOGRAPHIE is a modern and timeless design object. With its combination of three-dimensionality and colour it will set new architectural and artistic standards in your interior design. It is light-coloured and rich in contrast at the same time and thus suitable for a bright as well as a dark background. The playful combination of colours is universally compatible with different styles of interior design and comprises along its main colour rosé various vibrant neon colours – yellow, pink, green and orange – as well as the pastels such as lilac, light yellow, pink and mint, as well as special hand-sprayed tones such as Ultra Marine and Shrimp and Mirror. Its shape matches sofas, sideboards and tables in living areas as well as in the workspace. The hexagon consists of 288 coloured triangles that are put together at random by hand – making each piece unique.

Material & Manufacturing: laminated cardboard with a high lightfastness on a thin support plate made from wood; handmade combined with modern laser technology, exclusively “made in Berlin”; solid workmanship despite light materials

Measurements: 64 cm x 56 cm x 3 cm (width x height x depth)

Weight: 1 kg

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 64 × 56 × 3 cm
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