Sebastian Welzel Design

Sebastian Welzel Design and their unique series of wall sculptures was launched in 2018. Coming from an architectural background, Sebastian Welzel aims to enhance spatial experience and design.

His wall sculptures are modern and timeless design objects that will set new architectural and artistic standards in your interior design, accentuating the special quality of your space with their uniqueness. Their combination of three-dimensionality and colour is sure to attract attention. Through light, shadow and reflections, mesmerising changes in colour will arise, and new vivid shades of colour will emerge and then disappear. The geometric principle of the tetrahedron is simple yet striking, the spectrum of colours ranging from soft pastels to bright neons.

Manufacturing takes place exclusively in Berlin. The wall sculptures are put together by hand based on a connector system – each piece is unique. The basic forms are manufactured in a studio by use of modern laser technology.


Sebastian Welzel

Sebastian Welzel, architect and product designer from Berlin, graduated in 2016 from his architecture studies at Technische Universität Berlin presenting his façade design “Waterscape” which set the starting point for his wall sculptures – his design objects. Living in Paris from 2012 until 2013, Sebastian Welzel worked for the renowned firm Dominique Perrault Architecture. Before that he worked as model maker for German artist Thomas Locher.

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